NHL Press Release

NHL announces partnership with I.B. Storey Inc.

Firm will assist with community rink infrastructure issues, sustainability upgrades

NEW YORK — I.B. Storey Inc. and the National Hockey League (NHL®) today announced a new partnership naming I.B. Storey Inc. the official Rink Engineering Consultant of the NHL. The rink engineering and recreation facilities firm will be focused exclusively on helping community rinks across North America, providing outreach to community rink owners and operators to assist with critical infrastructure issues and identify potential sustainability upgrades in their respective facilities.

“Local ice rinks across North America are important social and cultural community hubs, and eighty percent of these facilities are twenty years old or more, and have aging infrastructures,” said Omar Mitchell, NHL Vice President of Sustainable Infrastructure and Growth Initiatives. “The NHL is committed to supporting the revitalization of these community rinks, as the growth and accessibility of our game at the grassroots level is significantly impacted by the health of these facilities. We look forward to partnering with I.B. Storey Inc. to leverage their expertise and provide integrated solutions and support to community rinks in their efforts to lower energy costs and consumption, especially during this unprecedented time.”

“We are excited to partner with the NHL to better assist our industry in improving financial and environmental sustainability of our aging facility fleet in the United States and Canada,” said professional engineer Ian B. Storey, President of I.B. Storey Inc.

I.B. Storey Inc. is a leader in the recreation industry for providing independent expert advice for innovative refrigeration solutions in recreational facilities. I.B. Storey Inc. is the industry leading specialized engineering firm implementing successful recreational facility projects achieving or exceeding savings targets as well as converting the identified measures into Construction Projects. For more information, visit ibstorey.com.