I.B. Storey Inc. utilizes RETScreen, MegaWattcher and ChillaWattcher to provide clients with the most comprehensive monitoring and analysis possible. To find out more on how these tools can help you, contact us today.


Since 2005, I.B. Storey Inc. has been collaborating with RETScreen International (Natural Resources Canada) as a contracted member of the expert development team to assist with the design of their world-renowned software tools. Other members of the team are industry, government and academic leaders, including NASA as a major partner on the project.

I.B. Storey Inc.’s reputation as Rink Engineering Experts and advanced, in-depth knowledge of recreational facilities and their unique and complicated needs has enabled RETScreen International to develop very templates that analyze and calculate data for recreational facilities while providing a high level of detail. I.B. Storey has completed engineering projects for a wide spectrum of clients ranging from community to professional organizations along with educational seminars delivered across North America for various recreational and industry associations.

RETScreen® is a registered trademark of the Minister of Natural Resources Canada


MegaWattcher is a web-based energy monitoring system that provides 24-7 performance reports to any web accessible device. MegaWattcher measures, records and calculates energy consumption for a facility, then it automatically adjusts for factors such as weather, production and usage.


ChillaWattcher is a specialized web-based version of I.B. Storey Inc.’s Performance Reporting system, designed for the monitoring of energy usage in refrigeration systems. This system identifies and reports energy usage patterns and anomalies in terms of financial consumption or environmental terms.