Energy Assessments

I.B. Storey Inc. specializes in providing high calibre energy assessments for clients. I.B. Storey Inc. has three levels of energy assessment packages that were specifically developed to meet the needs and budgets of all clients. All levels of energy assessments provided by I.B. Storey Inc. are ASHRAE compliant (level 1, 2, or 3).


I. B. Storey Inc. is proud to offer its services for commissioning new or replacement equipment as well as retro-commissioning existing equipment to ensure maximum operating efficiency.

Opportunity Development and Evaluation

I.B. Storey Inc. will provide independent, unbiased opinions and advice as an impartial third party. We will thoroughly evaluate submissions for a client and provide feedback and advice to enable the client to make the best suited decision for their situation.

Business Case Development

I.B. Storey Inc. offers a full range of Business Case Development services designed to ensure the most detailed framework for the proposed project. I.B. Storey Inc. will assist clients in recognizing the most beneficial opportunities for improvements while providing direction and guidance for implementation of energy efficiency measures. The goal of this service is to maximize benefit, while minimizing overall costs.

Expert Engineering

I.B. Storey Inc.’s expert engineering services provide clients with the professional, top quality engineering for all of their mechanical equipment needs.

Project Facilitation

I.B. Storey Inc. has become a leader in project facilitation for their clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring the project runs on target, on or under budget all while ensuring that our clients have peace of mind.

Technical Support

Just because a project has been completed, it doesn’t mean that I.B. Storey Inc. is out of the picture; we are always here for technical support for our clients. We value our clients that much.

Benchmarking and Analysis

I.B. Storey Inc. provides benchmarking and analysis on your energy consumption and how it stacks up to industry leaders using best practice metrics. We can then analyze the consumption data, and develop short and long term targets and goals, with detailed plans on how to achieve the desired results.

Carbon Footprinting

I.B. Storey Inc. provides detailed measurements and calculations of your Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) in real life, easy to understand terms. We also calculate the reduction in GHGs based on the implementation of potential energy savings projects.